Frequently asked questions


I don't know what type of housing would best suit me. What should I do?

Don't make a hasty decision. Think carefully about your needs, and then consider which type of housing would best suit your situation.

Contact UniSA Accommodation Services if you would like to discuss your options.

Has UniSA inspected the properties listed here?

We do not inspect the properties listed or interview the people advertising on the Rental Database. You will need to make your own enquiries about the suitability of the property, housemates and landlord.

Here are some tips to help you make a decision:

  • When you contact the person advertising, confirm that the information on the advertisement is correct
  • Ask details about the location and public transport
  • Ask the person about their studies/work, and get a sense of what they are like. Consider making contact through Facebook, especially if they are advertising a shared property. This could provide a useful insight into their lifestyle.
  • Make an appointment to inspect the property
  • Use a checklist for the inspection, so you remember all the important things to consider
  • When you visit the property take a friend for support and a second opinion

How can I be sure that the advertisement is genuine and not a scam?

Do not pay any money until you have thoroughly inspected the property. Do not pay any money unless you are satisfied that the agreement is genuine. Make sure that you get a receipt for money paid. We strongly advise against sending money overseas. Use the Rental Database messaging option, rather than private email. Here is some further advice about scams.

I have never rented a property in Australia before. What should I know?

Consumer and Business Services (Tenancies) provide key information, including in languages other than English, as well as a more detailed Information Brochure. Here are additional Housing FAQs to make your rental experience easier.

My landlord/housemates say that we don't need a written agreement or receipts. Is that OK?

We strongly advise that you use written agreements in English. This prevents disputes about the agreement and what is included in the rent. Download a standard Residential Tenancy or Rooming House agreement.

Receipts are a legal requirement. If you are paying your rent with cash, always make sure that you get a receipt in English immediately.

What should I do if I think that something is not right?

Contact UniSA Accommodation Services for advice.

You can also contact Consumer and Business Services (Tenancies) for assistance with your situation. Open during office hours at 91 Grenfell Street, Adelaide. Telephone 131 882

These are free services.

Should I insure my belongings?

It's advisable to take out contents insurance.  Even though the property you are renting is probably insured by the landlord, that would not include your belongings. 

So protect your belongings against theft or damage by taking out home contents insurance.  Shop around online for an option which suits you.

Is there any financial assistance available to students?

UniSA offers a large number of scholarships and grants, so go online and check out your eligibility.

Apply to Housing SA and Centrelink for assistance with your bond and rent.

Who can I talk to about my situation?

UniSA Accommodation Services
Make an appointment online