Sharehouse tips

Unsure how to choose compatible housemates?

Here are some handy tips. Checking out people's lifestyles on Facebook can also be an unintrusive way to screen potential housemates.

Tips about living in a sharehouse

Here are some simple ways to minimise conflict with housemates: respect your housemates and their belongings, share the cleaning, share costs fairly, and deal with disputes quickly and respectfully. Get advice, if things get complicated. Take a look at these sharehouse tips in more detail.

Don't know your rights?

  • a co-tenancy means that all the tenants' names are on the same agreement. This means that you are all responsible for the lease. One of the disadvantages of a co-tenancy, is that the Tenancies Branch cannot help with house-mate disputes, such as a house-mate not paying their share of the rent.
  • an individual lease means that each tenant is responsible only for their own agreement with the landlord (or head-tenant, when sub-letting). This means that you cannot be held responsible for the actions of a housemate.